John Lagunowich

20th February 2018

John Lagunowich at Banknote Technologies, Inc. based in the US has worked in the banknote industry for over 30 years. John held senior sales and marketing positions for US, French, Canadian and Swedish security paper mills supplying a broad range of document and currency papers globally. In the early 1980’s he was a Senior Vice President at American Banknote Company in New York where he introduced the first security holograms to MasterCard and Visa.

Many of the brand protection security features used today were derived from the banknote industry. Today, these features are combined with new digital print and authentication technologies to provide the complete security solution for brand companies. John Lagunowich provides advisory services for the implementation of strategic security solutions for brand companies utilizing his managerial background in security papers, packaging and printing. Every product risk and the overall level of corporate threat from counterfeit and diversion is evaluated for the short and long term.

John presents clients with multiple proven and cost efficient security solution options for the stated requirements. John ensures that vetted solutions can be deployed in the existing production of the product or packaging in line at present process speeds with no costly off line operations to add the overt, covert or the track and trace security features that are implemented.