As a leading independent technical consultancy in the brand protection and security documents industry, Axess Page Overton is well placed to provide education and training services to both users and suppliers of security technologies.  We manage and maintain the only physical security technologies library in the world, currently comprising information and samples from over 350 companies.

Technology suppliers use our training to improve their market and technology understanding through training on allied, complementary or even competing technologies.

Brand Owners and their associations can gain an overview or a more detailed understanding of a particular technology as part of the development of an overall brand protection strategy and be able to talk with confidence to suppliers.

Governments and other organisations use our training to develop the knowledge of their staff on particular technologies or market sectors.

Customised presentations, seminars, workshops or training programmes can be provided at the client’s premises or at a venue arranged by them . Full documentation and briefing notes are issued as part of the service.

Example 1:  designed a one-day training programme for a packaging company in the pharmaceutical sector that had developed a security feature to protect its clients’ products and packaging from counterfeit and diversion, but that could be sold to other packaging companies and brand owners. The company needed to understand alternative security devices and required a training program to:

  • Provide an overview of the technologies currently available for use in their clients’ packaging.
  • Summarise the industry sectors most affected by brand protection issues, and improve understanding of those sectors, their needs and product requirements, with the aim of finding new markets for their own security device.
  • Facilitate discussion and workshops between different departments to identify new uses for their own security feature.