Axess Page Overton is a specialist recruiter with an unparalleled depth of practical experience in our chosen sectors.  All our consultants have decades of active management experience. We understand the issues and cultures of the companies in our industries. This enables us to successfully recruit across a range of functional areas such as: managing directors, manufacturing and operations, engineering, supply chain, sales and marketing, finance, human resources and support staff. Drawing on talent both from inside our industries and from carefully selected closely related sectors.

The methodology is unique. We do not prescribe a recruitment solution until a full understanding of our client’s needs is agreed and signed off. Unlike other agencies that rely solely on advertising, we believe that searching produces a shortlist of superior quality for senior positions. All our candidates are likely to be working successfully in secure employment and will be recommended to us by respected sources. With search, as opposed to other methodologies: “We are selling the job opportunity”.

Our researchers offer an exclusive service. Their experience and resourcefulness gives us the ability to locate and contact all suitable new candidates, always giving us the edge in presenting the best available candidate for any situation.

Axess Page Overton carry out personality and competency profiles for all short-listed candidates if required. We interpret and summarise the results.

We offer a 12-month guarantee and carry out 3-monthly appraisals of all candidates placed.

Our substantial database can also offer immediate solutions to employment emergencies and for fast placements.

We have the capability to handle a large number of appointments.

We provide Interim Management Services and are the only interim provider solely dedicated to the Paper, Packaging and Security Print and technology Industries.

We offer Graduate Placement Programs, designed to attract and train the very best young talent.

We offer a 2-year off limits protection to companies who we work with.  This means that we will not approach that company’s personnel for a period of 2-years.  However, we never approach candidates that we have placed.