Relevant university courses exist for example in Material Science, Chemistry, Engineering, Logistics, Waste Management, Packaging Design and Finance plus design and waste management, but it is still a challenge to attract the highest calibre graduates into our industries. While many students actively seek sponsorship opportunities, vacation work and year-out industrial placements, there is however still a skills shortage in the paper, print and packaging industries.

To address this skills issue Axess Page Overton has introduced a Graduate Placement Programme, designed to attract the very best young talent into our industry.

In conjunction with our clients and a number of universities and training suppliers, we have developed a programme intended to place a selection of graduates into the industry every year. This program involves:

  • Companies committing to employing an agreed number of students and graduates for either sponsorship, vacation employment or year-out industrial placement and graduate employment
  • Axess Page Overton promoting the industry and specific companies directly to the appropriate students at the relevant universities, through annual bespoke workshops, in collaboration with the university career service departments and other relevant channels.
  • Axess Page Overton screening applications, briefing and interviewing students and matching them accordingly to the right industry, company and type of career path.
  • Suitable candidates are then presented by Axess Page Overton to companies for their specific requirements.
  • Graduate training programmes are designed by Axess Page Overton, incorporating up to 3 one-week courses covering industry-specific technology and other subject areas, and are then delivered in conjunction with the company or third-party specialist trainers.

Please contact us now to discuss program details, costs and how Axess Page Overton can provide you with the new talent to meet your organisation’s current and future needs, as we are currently opening opportunities up for placements from July 2018 onwards.