The nature of our work demands complete confidentiality. We work with many of the leading names in our industries to solve their recruitment needs.

Over the last decade we have recruited: Managing Directors, Mill Managers, Production and Operations Managers, Technical, Compliance and Engineering Managers, Supply Chain, Sales & Marketing Managers, Finance and HR Managers.

We have supplied a whole team of technical staff for a new UK manufacturing operation as well as key members of all levels of management.

We have recruited engineers and technicians and senior staff from outside the UK for European based concerns.

Also experienced in sales and marketing; we have recruited sales directors and marketing managers for International groups.
We have an exclusive and long-term relationship with our research partners. They have an excellent knowledge of our industry, who the key decision makers are and are able to meet the particular requirements of our clients.  Our researchers conduct much of their work internationally, and have a superb network, both within, and outside the particular industry.