Confidentiality is absolutely essential to our business and it is therefore not possible to reveal client names. However, the following is a list and general description of some of the projects we have managed:

Innovation and IP Exploitation

  • Expert witness testimony in a number of patent disputes.
  • The sale of an intellectual property portfolio.
  • Support and assistance with a research and development strategy and problem solving of technical challenges.
  • Government funded consortium to develop a novel form of smart electronic packaging using state of the art manufacturing techniques.
  • A 15-month international E.C. Clean Sky’s project (known as Riblet) where we are the project manager and co-ordinator.
  • The analysis of a security feature to determine its ease of use and its susceptibility to counterfeit.
  • Assistance in the development of a new security technology capable of incorporating a smart phone.
  • Development of a label with unique application properties for a personal identification application.

Technology Commercialisation

  • Technology evaluation, competitor analysis and market assessment for an EU funded consortium developing a novel method to remove toxic contaminants from ambient air.
  • 3-year Eurostars project “ PhotoCat” to provide market evaluation and commercialisation input for a novel water- borne disinfection system for ballast water in ocean going vessels
  • A Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI) project (Phase 1 and 2) where we provided market analysis and commercialisation advice.
  • Due diligence and feasibility advice to a venture capitalist company wishing to invest in a new security concept.
  • Commercialisation support and the identification of suitable partners to exploit intellectual property.

Market Identification and Development

  • Identification and research into potential acquisition targets for a multi-national company expanding its product portfolio in the packaging industry.
  • Identification of potential business models and routes to market, and development of pricing and value proposition for a new document security technology.
  • Improvement of supply chain integrity for consumables and the brand owner’s relationship with its customers.
  • Implementation of brand protection systems for products of one of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies in the world.
  • Implementation of a total brand protection system for one of the largest luxury goods manufacturers in the world.
  • Advice to major pharmaceutical, drinks and merchandising companies on how to develop a global brand protection programme.
  • Independent critical analysis for government sponsors to ensure project conformance and delivery of objectives associated with the tobacco industry.
  • Facilitated workshops on risks and industry issues, industry training and database development for the US Food and Drug Administration.