Axess Page Overton works with a variety of technology suppliers – from large established blue-chip international organisations to start–up companies – across a wide range of technologies. We enable technology suppliers and service providers to exploit their intellectual property, build their commercial propositions and take their products and services to market.

In the security technologies industry, we work with technology suppliers to protect products, and enhance verification, counter-resistance, tamper-evidence, track and trace and anti-theft. In the area of brand protection, we help suppliers differentiate their technologies and ensure brand owners select the most appropriate and cost-effective solution for their needs.

Our projects range from half-day technology reviews to technical development projects or strategic studies. We can work on a consultancy or retainer basis

Example 1: A supplier of security products, asked Axess Page Overton to manage a range of product development and technical support projects to supplement their in-house resource. The benefits of subcontracting for the client were threefold:

  • provided project management expertise whilst in-house staff carried out the bulk of the work, which proved to be very cost effective.
  • were able to avoid any internal distractions or pressures experienced by the in-house team, ensuring timely conclusion to urgent projects.
  • The client could draw on the experience of a number of consultants with skills and expertise not available to the client internally.

Example 2:  reviewed an emerging technology to determine its suitability as a brand protection solution on behalf of a Venture Capitalist who was considering investment. The project included feasibility studies, market suitability reviews and projected investment requirements.