Axess Page Overton assists governments, issuing authorities, associations and other stakeholders in the development of technology programmes for their industry or organisation. We provide training, advice on specifications, counterfeit resistance testing and project management services.

Our services include:

  • Organising technology seminars to enable industry associations and their members gain a better understanding of the technologies available in their market.
  • Supplier reviews to offer unbiased technical advice and support and focus further research and development.
  • Provision of accredited monitors to assess and review projects, independently audit, assess project performance and compliance against objectives, and improve project management.

Example 1:  was a sub-contractor to the Physical Science Laboratory for the FDA-sponsored Product Surety Initiative project for regulated food and drug companies in the USA. The one- year project involved several workshops with specially tailored technology training for industry managers covering the food and drug sectors.  The contents were developed for a security technologies database, which was designed and developed to meet user needs across the 2 working groups in order to:

  • Provide an impartial review of available security technologies relevant to each specific working group.
  • Facilitate discussions on supply chain issues, risks and criminal activities within each sector.
  • Ensure software engineering’s continued evolution of the security technologies database.

This project led to the formation of the Product Surety Centre, by one of its founding members.