The globalisation of trade and the need to protect brand reputation means that counterfeit and other related criminal activities, such as diversion, theft and tampering are a growing problem for brand owners. Axess Page Overton’s unique understanding of the brand protection sector and our knowledge of the breadth of security technologies and services means that we can assist our clients in building corporate brand protection strategies and incorporate and invest in the right technologies and security products.

Our brand protection services range from the initial data audit, intelligence gathering and analysis, through the prioritisation of resource allocation and individual risk assessments, to the development of comprehensive strategies and detailed action plans. We also provide skilled technical resource for project management and technical services such as:

  • Product and Packaging Development: for the development and implementation of new security devices.
  • Testing for Counterfeit Resistance: to assess counterfeit resistance of individual security devices before implementation.
  • Confidential Sourcing: to preserve the brand owner’s anonymity, while supporting them in formulating specifications, identifying suppliers, obtaining product information and prices.
  • Commercial assistance: in license and pricing negotiations and supplier vetting.
  • Technology Training: to enable clients to better understand the brand protection strategy development process, the use of security technologies and their potential applications.

Example:  Axess Page Overton was asked to provide market intelligence and analysis for a company changing its brand protection approach. The project over several months, included:

  • A capability assessment of the company’s technologies, products and customer base.
  • A review of emerging technologies in brand protection.
  • Identification of key target markets and brand protection requirements for each market.
  • A report on the company’s technology gaps in each key target market.
  • A review of the brand protection process and the identification of major stakeholders