Richard Jotcham

Richard Jotcham is Director and a founder of Axess Technologies Ltd.

Richard has over 20 years experience in the sourcing, management and development of security technologies and their implementation, ranging from banknotes to ID technologies to product identification and product piracy protection. His particular area of expertise lies in the development of anti-counterfeiting strategies and systems. He also has specialist knowledge in the development of secure substrates, as well as tagging and tracking systems.

As an acknowledged industry expert, Richard has managed projects for a number of global organisations, providing assistance in product and packaging development, as well as in the identification, sourcing and application of relevant security technologies. He is retained by a number of organisations to provide on-going technology reviews and assistance in various development projects and is also an accredited monitor for government and EU projects. Richard has a BSc (Hons) in Applied Chemistry. He is also a Chartered Chemist (C.Chem), a Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry (MRSC) and an Associate of the Institute of Packaging (A.Inst.Pkg). In 2000 he won the First Prize for Innovation (Royal Society of Chemistry). Richard is the author of numerous patent applications related to document security.

His expertise is regularly called upon for contributions to security industry related books, international security magazines and as a speaker at security industry conferences.

David Philips

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David Phillips has over 30 years of multi-national and diversified business development experience as an executive, starting with ICI in London. Over the past ten years he has been CEO of two companies involved in brand protection, document security and supply chain management. Prior to becoming President and CEO of PhotoSecure, a photonics enabled information company, Mr. Phillips was President and CEO of Biocode (now Authentix), a biotechnology start-up company that offers antibody detection methodology for brand protection by product marking. Previously, he was President and CEO of two specialty chemical companies. He served as CEO of the Sherex Chemical Company, Inc. with sales of $200 million/year. Prior to this assignment, he performed a similar role for RioTinto Zinc Plc.

Mr. Phillips has a B.A. (Honors), B.Sc. and M.A. all from Oxford University, where he majored in Chemistry. He was born in the United Kingdom but has lived in the U.S.A. for the last 30 years and is a United States citizen based in New York and London.

Cliff Crosfield

Cliff Crosfield has worked in the Brand Protection and Anti-Counterfeit sectors for many years, dealing with solution development and security technologies for leading security print and label companies.

He has extensive experience in packaging and printing and has worked in Australia and the UK, as well as Consultancies in Saudi Arabia, Europe, and UK.

Cliff has worked for Walsall Brand Protection & Walsall Security Printers, and prior to that with Linpac Packaging UK, Amcor Packaging Australia, and D.S.Smith, UK. He attended Lincoln University where he studied MBA Marketing (Cert) and has Diploma & Certificates in Administrative Management.

He has been involved in the development of security technologies and their application to labels and packaging.

John Lagunowich

John Lagunowich at Banknote Technologies, Inc. based in the US has worked in the banknote industry for over 30 years. John held senior sales and marketing positions for US, French, Canadian and Swedish security paper mills supplying a broad range of document and currency papers globally. In the early 1980’s he was a Senior Vice President at American Banknote Company in New York where he introduced the first security holograms to MasterCard and Visa.

Many of the brand protection security features used today were derived from the banknote industry. Today, these features are combined with new digital print and authentication technologies to provide the complete security solution for brand companies. John Lagunowich provides advisory services for the implementation of strategic security solutions for brand companies utilizing his managerial background in security papers, packaging and printing. Every product risk and the overall level of corporate threat from counterfeit and diversion is evaluated for the short and long term.

John presents clients with multiple proven and cost efficient security solution options for the stated requirements. John ensures that vetted solutions can be deployed in the existing production of the product or packaging in line at present process speeds with no costly off line operations to add the overt, covert or the track and trace security features that are implemented.

Dudley Webb

Dudley Webb is from a brand-owner background with over 35 years expertise in packaging and brand protection mainly in the Wines and Spirits sector. During this time Dudley has worked in a multitude of business disciplines and held senior positions in Quality, Production, Logistics, Business Process Improvement, Marketing, Innovation, New Product Development and Brand Security. For much of the last ten years his main focus has been on brand protection resulting in periods of time spent in problem markets within Asia, Eastern Europe and Mexico studying the problems at first hand, experiencing enforcement, evolving strategies and developing successful solutions as part of his structured approach to achieving customised, robust, cost-effective brand protection.

Pippa Wells

Pippa Wells has over 20 years of international marketing and business development experience. She was responsible for the marketing of De La Rue’s government identity systems, brand protection, secure commercial documents and cash handling solutions, and prior to that for the marketing of the global business stationery brand, Conqueror and a range of speciality papers at Arjo Wiggins.

She founded Integrated Marketing Matters (, providing independent marketing and business development support to companies in the brand protection, packaging, secure identity and document markets.

Pippa provides a broad range of support including: market research and analysis, technology evaluation, company profiling for partnerships or acquisitions, strategy development for market growth, product development and new market entry, marketing planning, business development and integrated marketing communications.

Pippa has a Masters in Business Administration from Warwick Business School and is a Member of Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM). She has worked across Europe and speaks fluent French and good German.

Matti Laakso

Matti Laakso started work in the paper industry over 30 years ago involved in substrates as well as label systems. For the last 10 years Matti has focussed on security applications such as banknotes and other technologies holding senior management roles within Sales and Marketing.

In 2011, after researching the market, he founded Laakso MCI, based in Liechtenstein, an independent consultancy providing acquisition and project management skills to security development companies and End Users. He is experienced at communicating at all levels of business able to negotiate, manage and guide projects of all sizes on a world wide basis.

Matti graduated in 1981 with a Masters Degree in Chemistry, he has worked throughout Europe and is fluent in 4 languages namely Finnish, English, German and Swedish.