Antevorte Ltd

Antevorte Ltd provides investigative support to organisations and businesses. Specialising in Evidential Test Purchases, Training, Undercover Engagement and Surveillance (incl. Anti and Counter Surveillance); Antevorte is proud to be able to offer a very high standard of expertise within a niche area. Their services are of particular use to investigators, lawyers and security managers who might be tasked to conduct investigations for Brand Protection, Intellectual Property Protection, Due Diligence, Human Resource investigations, Insurance claims involving personal injury and Corporate Fraud investigations.

Evidence is gathered and handled according to UK evidential standards and is used by UK Law Enforcement and UK Regulatory Bodies. Operations are conducted within the spirit of RIPA, HRA and DPA. Antevorte is registered with the ICO.

Antevorte’s current customer base includes a number of manufacturers within the pharmaceutical, agricultural chemical and FMCG industries; together with risk companies and law firms.

Berkeley Security Bureau (Forensic) Ltd

BSB Forensic provides independent expert forensic services in forensic audio, forensic video, facial/image comparison, image analysis, video tracking and mosaics, authentication, computer forensics, data recovery, digital CCTV data extraction, questioned documents, handwriting/signature comparison, counterfeit protection and fingerprints. BSB Forensic provides training in all of the above disciplines including a regular course on basic imagery analysis and questioned documents for the investigator. Laboratory specification, design and operator training services are also offered along with a CCTV system tender review, testing and ‘fit for purpose’ evaluation.

Intelligence Technologies Ltd

Intelligence Technologies Ltd is a specialist in providing bespoke Internet monitoring and research services for brand protection and enforcement.

Projects encompass a large number of search criteria, product descriptions and various languages (including Arabic and Mandarin). Intelligence Technologies is particularly effective in identifying high priority counterfeit activity, parallel trade and MAP abuse as well as other types of online brand infringement. Current clients include global brand owners in pharmaceuticals, consumer electronics, imaging consumables and industry.

PSP Technical Services Limited

PSP Technical Services Limited is an independent business, established in 2006 and operating from an extensively equipped technical and research facility at Wick, near Bristol, UK.

We provide the following range of confidential, specialist services:

– Bespoke Development and Formulation of inks and coatings

– Testing and evaluation of Inks, Coatings and Raw Materials

– Compliance with ‘Migration into Food Packaging’ legislation

– Product Rejection and Failure resolution

We specialise in the formulation and supply of high performance cationic inks and coatings.

The business is controlled by the two working directors who have extensive experience in the inks and coatings industry. It is further supplemented by a number of associates with complimentary areas of expertise. Clients may use PSP Technical Services on an ‘as needed’ basis, ensuring an experienced team is available to them at all times.